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Creamy Biscuit: Highly anticipated dark biscuit flavor mellowed with light vanilla cream.

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Wowzas 5 product stars
"A must try!!! One of my everyday juice from now on" Andrew beckett - 07/08/2015
Tea and biscuits 5 product stars
"It tastes of digestive biscuit with a hint of cream. I can't vape this all day and it's just a little change from my normal flavours. It does go nice with a cup of tea." Paul - 30/04/2016
Creamy Buscuit - the buscuit of all buscuits 5 product stars
"Hands down the best buscuit I've ever tasted. It's like eating a real digestive buscuit with cream. Digestive on the inhale and on the exhale beautifully balanced creams to compliment the digestive. This is smooth to vape, not so sweet that you can't vape all day vut the perfect balance. Quite honestly one of the best juices I have tried and the flavour in just unreal. Definitely get an order in for this. It's now my ADV for sure." Daniel Johnson - 18/07/2015
Mny fav juice 2 date 5 product stars
"Got 2 hand it 2 tom on this one i think the flavor profile dose not explain it in enougph depth this juice is mouth watering it has it all the crunch of the vinilla freshly baked buisket loaded with a verry venila smooth cream besg juice on the market in my opiniom" Richard oliver aka dicky - 13/04/2016
SuperTed Tastic 5 product stars
"Starting with the bottle, it's so nice when you receive a soft squishy one, not the type you feel you've dislocated your thumb squeezing, and look down to see, you haven't even managed to get out half a ml in your tank yet. The green caps are great too, if you keep you juices in a box these stand out, so you know which to grab. Now to the taste, well it is biscuit and cream, which is what you get. Not an overpowering vape; which is not to say it's weak, simply put, it's well balanced. The biscuit is slightly more predominant than the cream, I enjoy creamy vapes, so found myself wanting a little more, had it been the case it would have probably overpowered the biscuit, so I guess it's just right and I'm just greedy for creaminess. This is a vape I pick up when I'm not wanting full on pudding, and feel like a change from my usually fruity picks. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm not the best for picking up flavour notes, but a concern for me with biscuit types is, are there cinnamon notes, I didn't pick up on that. It was like dunking your biscuit in wholemilk, putting the entire thing in your mouth and sucking sweet biscuity creamy milk out, as I would have done in my early teens wrapped up in a duvet on a rainy day, after school watching Grange Hill. This was my favourite of only three I tried." violet cherry - 21/10/2015

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